Building Inspections for Healthy Living

INLOGIX provides consulting and investigation services related to indoor air quality and property damage. The impact of fire, flood, mold, sewage, odors, or suspect ventilation can be overwhelming. Our goal is to promptly respond to your concerns and provide high quality unbiased reports and verbal guidance. Our experience coupled with a non-alarmist communication ability reduces the anxiety of property damage, removes the mystery of the “next step”, and directs all efforts toward a solution.

  • Clearly communicates project expectations, scope, and direction
  • Establishes due-diligence
  • Provides formal documentation
  • Protects occupant health
  • Ensures peace-of-mind
  • Employs highly trained and experienced staff
  • Provides outstanding customer service
  • Uses specialized inspection equipment
  • Sends airborne mold samples to a local independent accredited lab
  • Has no conflict of interest
  • A visual inspection which is a crucial step in identifying the extent of contamination or quality of remediation. An understanding of interfaces, cavities, and building materials is required.
  • Use of moisture meters which determine if building materials and substructure are wet. Comments such as “feels dry” or “looks dry” are usually imprecise. A moisture meter must be used.
  • Photographic and infrared documentation
  • Damage mapping which creates a visual communication tool to document location of damage.
  • Surface and airborne mold sampling which provides accurate details on the concentration, dispersal, and type of mold.
  • A comprehensive step by step scope of work or “plan of action”.
  • A valuable Remediation Standard of Care that reviews many technical aspects of drying, isolation, cleaning, and much more!

What is included in INLOGIX's fees?

We charge for our consulting guidance and documentation on an hourly and sample basis. Full details are provided in our contract.

What type of payment does INLOGIX accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover. Credit card information is required if not associated with an approved insurance claim.

Can insurance cover consulting fees?

Insurance firms often cover our costs depending on the nature of the claim. Even if an insurance adjuster agrees to be the billing party the owner must sign our contract. Consider emailing them a link to our website. Also explain your concern and any related health issues especially those of at-risk persons.

Does INLOGIX provide estimates?

Yes, over the phone for small projects. On-site estimates are typically reserved for large projects.

Why does INLOGIX require a contract to be signed?

Yes, a contract must be signed for every project. Contracts are necessary to establish expectations between parties. Access to our contract is provided after a verbal discussion with our staff.